Treating Back Pain With An Herbal Oil Massage

Back pain can cause difficulties in everyday living. Getting up, sitting, or bending down can be uncomfortable for a lot of people, especially if they have arthritis, injuries, or strained muscles. Many have found that essential oils help in easing their pain and discomfort. Essential oils contain properties that can help ease inflammation and promote healing.

Many of the oils used include peppermint, lavender, rosemary, and more. Lavender is one of the most popular oils due to its relaxing scent and calming abilities. Most people use it for their insomnia and anxiety troubles. When rubbed on the skin its anti-inflammatory and sedative ingredients help to calm muscle tension, joint pain, and backaches. Rosemary also contains antispasmodic properties that help you unwind tight lumbar muscles located in the back.

Peppermint is good for back, nerve and joint pain. It’s sharp but great smelling aroma relieves headaches, backaches and increases alertness. Another great oil is ginger. Ginger helps improve your ability to get around by healing your joints and mobility. Ginger is also excellent for muscle tension accumulated in the lower back as well. A lot of people are fond of the juniper berry, which can be made into an ointment or oil to be massaged onto the back or other areas.

If you’ve been going to appointments to relieve your back pain and want an additional alternative to get the relief you need, why not try essential oils? They have many benefits when massaged into your skin and contribute to your health and wellbeing. Essential oils can also improve your mental clarity and stress level. Many health stores sell these oils and can inform you of different mixtures that will give you heightened results.

How A Sports Massage Can Benefit Those Who Exercise and Work Out

There are many reasons that those who work out and exercise choose to do so. Many of those who exercise or work out regularly may not know to the extent which they can benefit from a sports massage. There are many benefits that come along with receiving a regular sports massage whether you consider yourself an avid athlete, or just enjoy working out and exercising.

The first benefit that can be found within receiving a regular sports massage is that of muscle relaxation. When working out or exercising, your muscles are constantly working and will become worn out as you exercise or work out. Receiving a sports massage can help to relieve tension and stress found within tired muscles and lead to enhanced circulation and muscle growth.

Another great benefit of receiving a sports massage is a bit more psychological. A sports massage helps to relieve tension within muscles leading to increased blood flow to all areas of your body, including the brain. This increased and efficient blood flow to the brain helps to cut down unwanted stress and keep your mind set on your physical goals.

Yet another benefit of receiving a sports massage is that of recovery time. When experiencing muscle fatigue after working out or exercising, a sports massage is a great way to cut down on muscle recovery time. The relaxing and improved blood flow effects that come with a sports massage allow muscles to heal and recover at a much faster rate.

In addition to the previous benefits of receiving a sports massage in Andover, regular massages can also promote more muscle flexibility. Sports massages are meant to decrease stiffness within muscles, allowing them to become more flexible and strong. With this added flexibility, muscles function more smoothly and efficiently than before.

The benefits of those who actively exercise and work out receiving a regular sports massage are numerous and important. If you consider yourself to be a very active and healthy person looking to improve your experiences in the gym or weight room, schedule yourself an appointment for a sports massage today!

How Much Do You Tip After a Professional Massage?

Getting a massage from a someone who is fully qualified from illustrious massage courses can be enjoyable when your body, mind, and spirit are in need of being replenished and revived. When your therapist does an exceptionable job you may feel compelled to give a tip. Some are confused about how much to give as there isn’t really a set price for it. However, there are some different ways people can decide how much to give after service has been performed.

Some people go by the 10 to 15 percent rule. Depending on the price, one may decide to tip 10 to 15 percent out of the whole cost. Even though this rule is used mainly at restaurants or hotels it can be very useful here as well. For example, when your session costs around $50 or $60, you could tip $5 or $10.

It is also acceptable to give whatever you feel is appropriate for the therapist to receive. You wouldn’t be motivated to tip generously if your masseuse did a less than acceptable job would you? On the other hand, it would be sort of cheap and rude to give a therapist pocket change for an expensive session. Discretion is needed depending on how you feel after the session is done and how the therapist performs.

It is wise to find out whether or not the massage service allows tipping or not. Some businesses have a no tipping policy and strictly enforce it. Places like the chiropractor’s office or another medical location may not allow it either cause it is seen as a medical treatment service. At the end of the day, you aren’t really obligated to give a tip, but it is appreciated nonetheless at places where it is allowed and appreciated.

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